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Why Made in America Matters

A recent survey conducted by the Reshoring Institute showed that 69.4% of Americans prefer products that were manufactured in America, even if they have to spend more for those products.

With such a large percentage of buyers preferring American-made products, we knew we needed to continue manufacturing as many of our products as possible right here in the USA. This is one of the biggest reasons we continue to manufacture and source products in the US.

1. Boosts American Economy

Domestically-produced products have a big impact on the US's economic growth. This is one of the reasons we wanted to produce and source as many products as we could domestically, and we will strive to continue doing so in the coming years.

2. Creates US Jobs

When you buy products manufactured in the US, you are helping to ensure that more jobs are available for US workers.

3. Better Quality Standards

From increased quality standards to fair labor laws, US production offers higher quality products, and you can rest assured knowing the items were manufactured ethically. 

4. Better for the Environment

Buying American-made products helps eliminate fuel and carbon emissions that result from importing your products into the US. US manufacturers are also required to abide by the Clean Air Act, whereas overseas manufacturers may not be held to such high economical standards.

5. Promotes US Independence

By supporting US manufacturers, you help promote American independence. With many manufacturers outsourcing all labor overseas, it is important to support the remaining domestic manufacturers whenever possible.